How to Switch on Confidence

Posted on May 01

Confidence is a huge concern for a large percentage of people – or should I say a lack of it is…

And this often surfaces when having to give a presentation or speak to a group of people in a meeting.

Presenting is actually all about what we do with our bodies which has a much bigger impact than our words and if you are feeling a lack of confidence you will convey this unconsciously through your gestures and body language.

Research by Amy Cuddy at the Harvard Business School has found that how we hold our bodies has a profound effect on our body chemistry.

The “little girl” stance adopted by many women raises the level of the stress hormone cortisole, making you feel more anxious and less confident.

But you have the ability to go from feeling a lack of confidence to being really confident instantly! Because the way you hold your body can actually change the        level of confidence you feel.

Have a go and try it out right now…

1) Get up and walk around the room is if you are really nervous,anxious or fearful.

Notice what happens to how you move and breathe. Notice where the tension is in your body.

2) Now walk around the room as if you are the most confident person in the whole wide world.

Think about how are you are holding yourself – how are you walking? What is your posture like? How are you breathing? Are you smiling?

By changing the way you hold your body, you can affect your level of confidence and sense of control.

And when you learn how to manage your internal confidence as well (see The Confidence Click for a quick and very powerful way to do this) then you’ll come across as more powerful and you affect how your audience feels about you.

When we are positive, confident, and willing to make a warm connection with our audience, they will respond.

So next time you are feeling a lack of confidence change the way you are standing and breathing and see what happens!

Until next time,
with best wishes for your success,

For more information about how the very powerful process of The Confidence Click can help you become instantly confident click here now.

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