Is Your Presentation Saying What You Think It Is?

Posted on Jun 11

Have a look at this funny video and think how it applies to your presentation….or not!

YouTube Preview Image

I hope that you agree that the video is hilarious…. but it does have a serious point to it.

What we think a gesture means can mean something totally different to someone else.

We think we are being really clear but the audience just don’t get it

The thing is that a huge amount of the  meaning of our communication is non-verbal. 

And many of the gestures we  make, we do unconsciously ( unless you’ve had training)  and they can be mis-interpreted from our point of view.

So how can you tell?  Well one way is to video yourself giving a short presentation and notice  your gestures and movements. 

The first time I had to do this was many, many years ago and I still remember that I was totally unaware that I was flicking a pen all the time I was speaking – which really distracted some people in the audience. 

So when you are giving a presentation  what could your gestures and movements be conveying about you and your business to your audience?  Do your gestures add to the message or do they actually get in the way of what you are trying to get across? Can they be mis-interpreted?

Everything I do with my clients is all about taking action…… so I challenge you to do that video of yourself and just notice what you notice. You might just be surprised!

because the first step to giving outstanding presentations is becoming more self-aware of how and what you are communicating and you can have a lot of fun doing it too!

Until next time,

with best wishes for your success,

Cath :)

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Posted on Jun 11 in Business Pitching, Business Presentations, Communication skills, Presentation Skills

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