I’m a published author at last!

I’m so excited because at last I’m officially a published author!

I am one of several international experts asked to contribute to

PUBLIC SPEAKING Tips from the Pros:
How to be a Powerful, Dynamic and Confident Public Speaker [Kindle Edition].

In this book, you will learn how to create, practice and deliver presentations that entertain as well as inform and educate your audience.

Shorten Your Learning Curve by Learning from the Experts

You will be learning from public speaking experts who will share with you the best public speaking tools, tips and strategies so that you can shorten your learning curve and become the kind of speaker you’ve always dreamed of being.

Experts who’ve contributed to the book include: Cath Daley,Graham Young, Marianne Janin, Benjamin Loh, Anuraag Awasthi, Eugene Cheng, Paul Thornton, Dell Self, Tom Nosal, Tyler Basu and Steve Gallegos.

What to Expect from this Book

This book is a short, practical and easy to read book (even if I say so myself). Here’s what you will learn in the book:

How to hook your audience into your speech within the first 30 seconds.

Learn how to avoid the most common mistakes most speakers make when opening their speech. If you avoid these mistakes, you will be better than 90% of speakers. Not only will you learn what not to do, you will also learn proven tools on how to open with speech with power and impact.

How to close your presentation with power and passion

Learn how to end in a memorable manner. End with a bang, not a whimper.

How to build your speech from the ground up

Learn why it’s important to “write your best tweet” if you really want to build a speech that sticks.

How to add humour to your speech and keep your audience laughing as well as learning

Learn four proven techniques for adding humour to your presentation and keep your audience laughing as well as learning. This chapter alone is worth the price of the book.

The best ways to incorporate statistics into your presentation- (This is my contribution!)

Most speakers bore their audience with the use of data and statistics. Chapter Six will examine in detail how to use statistics to make your presentation come alive. This is one of the best discussions you’ll read on how to use statistics in a speech.

How to create sexy slides for a presentation

Slides are not necessary for a presentation, but if you are going to use them, then you better read Chapter Seven. Not only will you learn the principles for designing sexy slides for your presentation, you’ll also get to see sample sexy slides for inspiration.

How to deliver a dynamic presentation

It’s difficult to learn delivery skills from a book, but the principles covered in this book will teach you best practices for delivering an engaging and dynamic presentation.

How to make your audience hungry with a compelling introduction

Your introduction can either make or break your presentation. Learn the best tips for how to get your audience fired up before you speak.

Eight principles for practicing your presentation

Don’t get up on stage without the eight practicing principles discussed in Chapter Ten.

Six tips for overcoming your fear of public speaking

Do you get nervous every time you have to give a presentation or speech? Learn six tools you can use to reduce your nervousness and get yourself into a confident mind-set when you speak.

What to do when things go wrong.

Unfortunately, things don’t always go as expected. How do you handle unexpected situations? What do you do when things go wrong? Learn ten tips for handing unexpected challenges during your speech.

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