The 30 Day Intensive STEP UP and STAND OUT Programme for Women Leaders who want fast results


30 Day Intensive Programme

How to Quickly Develop Your Persuasive & Powerful PresenceTM as a Woman Leader and Transform Your Results

Women face a different set of challenges in getting to the top and staying there.

And although sometimes we don’t like to admit it, many women leaders suffer from the same problems…….

  • You feel you have to be aggressive to make your mark but it doesn’t feel authentic
  • Sometimes you have a paralysing sense of self–doubt
  • You’re fed up having to work harder than men to get to the same place
  • You know it’s part of the job but you dread having to do presentations and avoid them if you can
  • You miss opportunities because you don’t feel completely confident to put your hand up and then regret it later
  • You want to make a bigger impact but get frustrated and disappointed by the lack of response you get and the resistance you encounter

…… and there are lots, lots more and the results are huge frustration, increased anxiety and more stress.

But all of these disappear when you STEP UP and  STAND OUT and develop your Persuasive and Powerful Presence.

In this highly interactive 30 day intensive programme I share with you how easy it is to get rid of the things that hold you back so that you can  excel in any situation, to get rid of the frustration, anxiety and stress, to make an instant connection with your audience in a way that gets your message across confidently, persuasively and powerfully every time, whatever the context.

You quickly develop YOUR Persuasive & Powerful Presence which draws people to you so that you significantly increase your influence, have a much greater impact and make a bigger difference on a grander scale.

You learn a unique set of tools and techniques which enables you to permanently eliminate the nerves and the limiting beliefs that hold you back and become a truly confident, powerful and persuasive communicator which means you become a more powerful and influential woman leader.

“This has been the best learning event in my whole career”.

Jo Phipson, Senior Relationship Manager, Santander UK

I have taught 1000s of people to use these techniques and tools to transform their results, both personally and in their business.

Who is it for?

This programme is not for everyone. If you are happy with the results you are getting and don’t want to be challenged then this is not for you.

STEP UP and STAND OUT is for women leaders working at CEO, Director, Partner or Senior Executive level, Women Entrepreneurs and women who aspire to these roles, particularly in male dominated sectors, who are serious about excelling at this level and want to become more confident, persuasive, influential and compelling communicators to make a greater impact on a bigger scale and who want to get results quickly.

“Making the decision to come on this course was a big commitment for me but it was definitely worth it. I don’t think I’ve ever changed so much as a result of being on a training course before”

Sarah Jones, CEO Mencap Liverpool

When and where is it taking place?

The  dates and venues are as follows:

VENUE                                                                 DATES

Liverpool Novotel                              Tues. 10th June, Tues. 17th June, Tues. 1st July

How is STEP UP and STAND OUT different?

As up to 80% of new learning in any training rarely makes it back to the workplace, STEP UP and STAND OUT is designed specifically to deliver much greater returns. Each group consists of a maximum of  6 to 8  like-minded women leaders so that you get personal individual feedback and coaching throughout as well as having the opportunity to help and support others to grow and develop.The training and coaching is spread out over 30 days  to enable you to consolidate your learning and become more practised with one set of techniques before you learn another which means that you become more adept and expert in using them and you get results much faster than before because you will be more successful.

You can find out  what other women leaders are saying about the programme here.

If you are a woman in business who is serious about  making a bigger impact, wants to get quick results and  be more persuasive and influential then this is the programme  for you!

To find out more about what’s included and to apply for your place now click here.

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