Podcast: Lisa Marie Platske

Posted on Mar 06

Lisa Marie Platske is an award-winning leadership and connection expert and certified professional coach whose high-energy presentations and coaching programs have been transforming people and organizations for over a decade.

Lisa Marie left her action-packed life as a law enforcement officer to become the President of the international leadership training and development company, Upside Thinking, Inc.

The author of Designing Your Destiny, and Connection: The New Currency and featured in Speaking of Success, Lisa Marie has the rare ability to ” rattle cages and challenge the status quo” and then provide step-by-step strategies for people to follow. Business leaders turn to Lisa Marie when they are looking for breakthroughs in enthusiasm, productivity, and profitability. Today, she can be found on the stage at her annual Leadership Success Summit giving sold gold advice to corporate leaders, business owners and entrepreneurs.

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Posted on Mar 06 in News, Podcast, Women Leaders

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