For Women Leaders Who Want Fast Results

The STEP UP & STAND OUT Programme

How to Quickly Develop Your Persuasive & Powerful Presence™ as a Woman Leader in Your Business

As a woman in your business do you …..

  • Sometimes struggle to get buy-in from your team, your board, key stakeholders, clients?
  • Ever get gut wrenching nerves before you have to speak in front of high level strategic players?
  • Miss opportunities because you don’t feel completely confident to put your hand up?
  • Dread presenting and avoid it whenever you can?
  • Get frustrated and disappointed by the lack of response you get, particularly from male colleagues?
  • Know that deep down there is untapped potential in you?
  • Want to make a bigger impact as a woman leader?

If you have answered “yes” to any of these then this programme is tailor made for YOU

Many women leaders suffer from the same problems …

  • You often feel a paralysing sense of self-doubt
  • You sometimes feel intimidated standing up to speak in front of a large audience
  • You struggle to get your message across effectively
  • You feel you have to be aggressive to make your mark but it doesn’t feel authentic
  • You get asked to present at short notice, don’t have enough time to prepare and don’t deliver well
  • You’re fed up having to work harder than men to get to the same place
  • You somehow lack “boardroom presence”
  • You get really nervous or even fearful when you have to give a presentation
  • You’re sometimes bullied by male colleagues who resent working with a woman leader

…… and there are lots, lots more and the results are frustration, anxiety and increased stress.

But all of these problems completely disappear when you

STEP UP and STAND OUT and develop Your Persuasive & Powerful Presence™

Why is Your Persuasive & Powerful Presence important?

The level of success business leaders enjoy depends on how well they communicate.
 People are drawn to and influenced by leaders who communicate authentically, connect easily with people and have immediate impact.

So how do you become one of them?

By developing Your Persuasive & Powerful Presence™

Whenever you are talking to someone about your business or what you do – to high level decision makers, a potential client, your team, your boss, a procurement panel, the board, in an interview – you are effectively “presenting” yourself.

I come across many women leaders who are brilliant at what they do yet don’t have the “Persuasive & Powerful Presence“ that commands attention and responsiveness so don’t have anywhere near the impact or level of influence that they could have.

I believe that women face a different set of challenges in getting to the top and we need more positive, powerful and persuasive role models who inspire other women to leadership in business and that is why I have developed the STEP UP and STAND OUT Programme because many women at the highest level do not have the opportunity to develop their Persuasive & Powerful Presence™

STEP UP and STAND OUT is about learning how to become truly confident, compelling and persuasive in all of your communication so that you own any room whatever the circumstances and audience.

If you know that this is what you want and are ready to STEP UP and STAND OUT then Arrange Your Personal Consultation Call with me now


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