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ICF Coach Mentoring Programmes

What makes this ICF Mentoring different?

I am passionate about coaching and supporting coaches to grow and develop, to be the best they can be.

What makes me different is the combination of my extensive experience and expertise as an ICF Master Certified  Coach and Advanced Skills Teacher.

It focusses on developing your professional coaching practice, at the same time as teaching you exactly what you need to do to achieve your ICF Credential, whatever your credential path.

In preparing my A level and GCSE students for their exams, I used to teach what I called “exam technique” – how to make it easy for the examiner to pass them- and I do the same thing here which is probably one of the reasons I have 100% pass rate!

Not only does this fulfil the ICF requirement of 10 hrs Mentor Coaching with an experienced ICF Master Certified Coach, it gives you so much more!

You will complete the programme with improved confidence and self-belief in yourself as a professional coach whilst having honed and developed your skills to a higher level, as well as feeling confident and assured with your credential application.

A Group Programme and a Personalised 1-2-1 Programme are available.

The Group Coach Mentoring Programme

The Group Coach Mentoring Programme consists of 5 x 2hr Group Coach Mentoring and Development Sessions in a small group, plus 3 hours of one-on-one mentoring (2 x 90 min calls).

It takes place over a period of three calendar months.

In the Group Coach Mentoring sessions, we focus on an in-depth study of the ICF Core Competencies at your credential skill level (ACC, ACC Renewal, PCC, MCC) so that you know them inside out. Each call has a different focus and there are opportunities to practise coaching in a small group (max. 8 coaches) with dynamic feedback from me. (The mentoring is at the PCC level for ACC and PCC).

We cover a whole range of topics including:

  • the ICF concept of “Partnering” and how to demonstrate it to meet the ICF definition of coaching
  • how to develop your reflective practice
  • how to coach effectively without relying on tools
  • dealing with any coaching challenges you are facing
  • knowledge and techniques to enable you to coach at a higher level, whoever you are working with
  • how to understand and easily navigate the credentialing process, whatever your route
  • tips and insights on best practices for your credentialing process
  • knowledge and the learning to pass your ICF exam and coaching assessment
  • the step by step process to completing your on-line application
  • and lots more….

In addition to the 13 hours live contact time with me you also have access to

  • audio recordings of all of the group sessions (10 hrs)
  • training masterclasses and exercises focussing on increasing your knowledge and skills in specific development areas (6 hrs)
  • access to a range of ICF approved recorded coaching sessions for you listen to and understand the difference between the different credential levels of ACC,PCC and MCC (6 hrs)
  • and lots more…..

You have access to your own protected Mentoring Resources Page where you can access the many resources provided throughout the programme as many times as you like.

Your two personal 90 min 1-2-1 sessions may be used in a number of ways e.g. for live analysis of coaching recordings, doing coaching skills exercises or to practise your coaching with dynamic feedback.

“I was privileged to have Cath as my mentor coach as I worked toward my ICF accreditation. In both the group and individual sessions Cath helped me gain additional clarity around my coaching skills, helping me recognize the skills and strengths I already possess as well as challenging me to the next level in my coaching competence. I appreciate her ability to balance a warm and encouraging approach with honesty around opportunities and areas to grow. I highly recommend Cath as a mentor coach for anyone looking to improve their coaching capabilities and/or prepare for an ICF accreditation.”

Julie Berndt, Senior Talent and Organisational Effectiveness Consultant, Sanford Health

New dates: 

The dates for the next programme for ACC, ACC Renewal and PCC applicants: 

17th May, 31st May, 21st June, 12th July and 2nd Aug

Group Sessions will take place on Wednesdays at 9.30 am – 11.30 am 

The application calls for this next programme are now open.

The Group Coach Mentoring Programme provides you with the 10 hrs of Mentoring required by ICF together with 24 hrs of additional coach training Masterclasses and practice development time with opportunities to learn, grow and uplevel your coaching in a more general way alongside other coaches, as well as preparing you to confidently apply for your ICF credential. The number of places is limited to a maximum of 8 to make sure that you get the opportunity for individual feedback from me.

Your investment for this group programme is £1,750 (inc.VAT)

If you know this is what you are looking for then click here to arrange your free 30 min application call with me to answer any questions you may have and to reserve your place on the next programme.

1-2-1 Personalised Coach Mentoring Programme

1-2-1 Personalised Coach Mentoring Programme is for those who want a more individual and detailed approach. It consists of 8 x 90 min individual scheduled calls over Zoom with me which are fully personalised to meet your specific needs for the level of credential you are applying for whether that be ACC, ACC renewal, PCC or MCC.

In addition to all of the resources from the Group Programme, we work together to identify your specific areas for improvement and I coach and teach you effective strategies to hone and develop your coaching skills in all areas, with access to more advanced coachig tools and techniques.

You have more opportunities to practise coaching than is possible in a group context with personalised mentoring that addresses your specific coaching development needs. You get immediate dynamic feedback from both live and recorded coaching sessions tailored specifically for you.


“Cath is a thoughtful and powerful coach and mentor. She helped progress my coaching skills exponentially in a short amount of time. She is well-versed in International Coaching Federation principles and a master at teaching others how best to incorporate them into their coaching skills. I highly recommend working with Cath!”

Chelsea Behrens, Career Clarity Coach, Speaker and Consultant, Discovery & Design at Amperity


The 1-2-1 Personalised Programme takes place over a minimum of 3 consecutive months, with a maximum of 6 months to complete.

The additional 3 months are in case you need additional time to integrate the learning from each mentoring session.


“I signed up for mentoring with Cath to get feedback and guidance so I  can improve as a coach. Cath showed me how to get to the bottom of what the client’s challenge really is, so they can get the most out of the coaching session. I feel so much more confident as a coach. I love how professional Cath is. I especially appreciated it when she was giving me feedback. She made sure to point out what I’m good at, and when she was coaching me on what I could do better I felt empowered and knew that Cath had every belief in me that I can do better. I was excited about my next coaching sessions with my clients to implement the strategies she taught me. 

I wholeheartedly recommend Cath as an ICF mentor.  If anyone is thinking about working with Cath, I’d say go for it. It will not only give you the mentoring required but also will make you feel so much better about yourself as a coach.

Cath is knowledgeable, professional, and has a great balance of being firm and yet compassionate. Thank you, Cath, for helping me on my journey to become the coach I always wanted to be.”

Ela Wassell, Truly Boldly You 


There is a limited number of places available on this programme and acceptance is based on a Discovery Session with me.

Your investment is dependent on the design of your specific programme.

“Thanks so much Cath! Your support and mentoring was absolutely brilliant and has made such a huge difference to my coaching skills”

Jen Goddard, Soulfire Coaching


N.B. Mentoring for the ICF MCC Credential is only available on the 1-2-1 Personalised Coach Mentoring Programme at present.


“I’d totally endorse working with Cath. Having worked with other ICF mentors and supervisors for years, it was Cath’s guidance that got me over the line to submit my application.”

Sarae Pratt, ICF PCC, Women’s Leadership Coach and Trainer


If you know that this more personalised and detailed approach is what you are looking for then click here to book a call with me to talk about your specific requirements.

Looking forward to talking with you!

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