Your Business Presentation : Are you on A Spin Cycle or Delicates?

Posted on Mar 21

Have you ever experienced that washing machine feeling in your stomach at the prospect of having to speak in public?

And which programme are you running – the delicates (a bit nervous) or the gut wrenching spin cycle (fear)?

You know what I mean… that horrible churning sensation that makes you feel sick and want to be somewhere else?

Feelings ranging from nervousness to sheer terror are common for many people and it has been said that the fear of public speaking comes higher than the fear of death for a large proportion of the population but being a good communicator has never been so important for your business. It is now considered by many to be a core business skill.

And that’s the point … successful public speaking is a set of skills that can be learned and developed.

Whether you are a CEO of a multinational company, a sole trader or an owner of a SME how you present your ideas, products or services is crucial in terms of the level of business success you achieve.

Speaking in public is different from just about any other form of communication we get involved in. It requires different skills form those we use in everyday conversation and many people don’t realize this. In conversation we take turns to speak but whenever we present to others, whether that be in a sales presentation to a prospective client, a best man speech or a 60 second speed networking session, we have to connect with the audience and hold their attention and this is the cause of many people’s fear.

You cannot not communicate. We are always communicating something. If you are nervous and anxious this will come across to your audience as well as affecting what you say and how you say it and you may not be consciously aware of what it is you are conveying.

So whether you are

  • Giving the father of the bride speech
  • Accepting an award
  • Giving a sales presentation
  • Providing training for others
  • Engaged in a business presentation as part of a tendering process
  • Talking at a networking event
  • Or just talking about your business

your level of anxiety will affect the outcome.

So what are you actually conveying to your audience?

And what effect is this having on the results you want to achieve?

The first step to becoming a brilliant communicator is to raise your level of self – awareness and a great way to do this is


  • video yourself talking about your business or giving a short presentation


  • ask someone you trust to give you feedback next time you speak in public.

It is always useful to ask for someone else’s opinion because they tend to see us differently from the way we see ourselves.

Then use the video and the feedback to gather information about the following:

(1)     What is it that do you do well?

(2)     What is the message that actually comes across? And is it the one you want?

(3)     What does your body language convey?

(4)     Do you have any unconscious nervous actions such as rubbing your hands together or stroking your hair – and if so how could this be interpreted?

(5)     What do you need to improve?

because when you become more aware of what you actually are conveying it becomes  easier to change and you can begin to develop your skills to where you want them to be.

Until next time,

With best wishes for your success,


Cath Daley Ltd.

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