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You’re a woman leader and you’re feeling stressed out, overwhelmed or unfulfilled.

It sometimes feels like you’re just surviving rather than thriving.

Maybe because …

  • you have a huge workload, are sick and tired of having to keep all the plates spinning and you never get time for yourself…
  • you’re fed up dealing with difficult people and are under increased pressure to get results …
  • you are expected to give presentations but get really anxious and dread doing them because they’re never good enough…
  • you have a huge vision for what you want in your life but it just seems impossible…
Welcome! My name is Cath Daley and I help women just like you.

I work with women CEOs, Directors, Business Owners and Entrepreneurs who are brilliant at what they do (but who don’t know they’re brilliant) and are stressed a lot of the time and feel there must be more to life than being busy.

I help you to make the changes you need to make so that overwhelm is a thing of the past and you move from just surviving to thriving.You learn tools that enable you develop your resilience and resourcefulness and become more energised, fulfilled and happier  both in your professional and your personal life.

There are two main Leadership Coaching and Training Programmes which are customized to meet your individual needs. You can find out more by clicking on the links below.

Lead Like
a Woman

Leadership Coaching

Speak Like
a Woman

Presentation Training

"Since working with Cath, I have gone on to achieve so much more than I ever believed possible."

Sarah Jones

CEO Mencap Liverpool

Cath has worked with people from …

  • Molonglo Support Services
  • Drove Solutions
  • Butcher & Gundersen
  • Deutschbahn
  • Motivational Leadership Ltd.
  • Rubica
  • Edwards Lifesciences
  • Tracsis
  • Portswigger Web Security
  • Imperial Tobacco
  • LILA
  • Turner & Townsend
  • Santander UK
  • Liverpool Chamber of Commerce
  • Advanced Laser Technology Ltd
  • HSBC
  • Ryder Architecture
  • Morgan Sindall
  • The Charities Trust
  • PSS
  • Liverpool City Council
  • Youth Sports’ Trust
  • Cheviot Asset Management Ltd.
  • Lovelock Mitchell Architects
  • Aurora Media
  • ICC Solutions
  • Liverpool Mencap
  • Heriot Hughes
  • Wigan & Leigh CVS
  • Bernard Taylor Partnership
  • RIBA
  • ITT Solutions
  • Bolland and Lowe
  • Spirit Security Services
  • Radio Merseyside
  • Tender Management Ltd.
  • Jam Recruitment
  • BNI
  • Taylor Napier Partnership … and many more.

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