Speak Like a Woman

for women leaders who want fast results

How to quickly develop your Persuasive &
Powerful Presence

Do you …
  • Sometimes struggle to get buy-in from your team, your board, key stakeholders, clients?
  • Ever get gut wrenching nerves before you have to speak in front of high level strategic players?
  • Miss opportunities because you don’t feel completely confident to put your hand up?
  • Dread presenting and avoid it whenever you can?
  • Get frustrated and disappointed by the lack of response you get, particularly from male colleagues?
  • Know that deep down there is untapped potential in you?
  • Want to make a bigger impact as a woman leader?
Then this programme is tailor made for you.

People are drawn to and influenced by leaders who communicate authentically, connect easily with people and have immediate impact.

I come across many women leaders who are brilliant at what they do yet don’t have the “Persuasive & Powerful Presence“ that commands attention and responsiveness so don’t have anywhere near the impact or level of influence that they could have.

I believe that women face a different set of challenges in getting to the top and we need more positive, powerful and persuasive role models who inspire other women to leadership in business.

That is why I have developed the Speak Like a Woman Programme because I see so many talented women leaders who struggle to get through to an audience, who come undone through nerves and a lack of confidence, who self-sabotage through self-doubt.

And it doesn’t need to be like that.

“This has been the best learning event in my whole career. The benefits are far greater than I ever anticipated.”

Jo Phipson

Area Director, Santander UK

Whether you are speaking at a conference, being interviewed or presenting to your team, a client or your boss, the tools and techniques of The Speak Like a Woman Programme will enable you to become a truly confident, compelling and persuasive speaker who inspires others to take action.

A VIP day is available for those who want to quickly eliminate the fear around presenting and learn how to go from average to good.

The 1-2-1 Personalised Programme is a longer programme for those who want to develop their presenting skills to be an outstanding speaker.

“There were so many ah-ha moments which has made a huge difference to me. Developing my personal and powerful presence has been immense”

Justine Douglas

Purchasing Officer, RC Clare

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