Speak Like a Woman

For women leaders who want fast results

How to quickly develop your Persuasive &
Powerful Presence

Do you …
  • Ever get gut wrenching nerves or lose sleep before you have to speak in front of high level strategic players or an audience?
  • Sometimes struggle to get buy-in from your team, your board, key stakeholders, clients?
  • Miss opportunities to speak because you don’t feel confident to do it or Impostor Syndrome kicks in?
  • Dread presenting and avoid it whenever you can?
  • Get frustrated and disappointed by the lack of response you get, particularly from male colleagues?
  • Wish that you were a more confident speaker?
  • Want to make a bigger impact as a woman leader?
Then this programme is tailor made for you.

People are drawn to and influenced by leaders who communicate authentically, connect easily with people and have immediate impact.

I come across many women leaders who are brilliant at what they do yet don’t have the “Persuasive & Powerful Presence“ that commands attention and responsiveness so don’t have anywhere near the impact or level of influence that they could have.

That is why I have developed the Speak Like a Woman Programme because I see so many talented women leaders who struggle to get through to an audience, who come undone through nerves and a lack of confidence, who miss opportunities and then beat themselves up about it, who self-sabotage through self-doubt.

And it doesn’t need to be like that.

This programme is so much more than just teaching you high level presentations skills (although we do that too!) because they won’t do you much good if we don’t explore where the fear, the anxiety and the self-doubt come from and then eliminate them so they cease to be an issue for you. Then we layer in a whole range of persuasive presentation techniques (that most people don’t know) in such a way that they become second nature for you and you use them without thinking about it.

“This has been the best learning event in my whole career. The benefits are far greater than I ever anticipated.”

Jo Phipson

Area Director, Santander UK

Whether you are speaking at a conference, being interviewed or presenting in a meeting to your team, a client or your boss, the tools and techniques of the Speak Like a Woman Programme will enable you to become a truly confident, compelling and persuasive speaker who inspires others to take action.

A VIP day (face to face) is available for those who want to quickly eliminate the fear around presenting and learn how to go from average to great. (There is the option to have an equivalent on-line programme delivered via Zoom).

The 1-2-1 Personalised Programme is a longer programme for those who want to develop their presenting skills to  become an  outstanding and extraordinary speaker.

“There were so many ah-ha moments which has made a huge difference to me. Developing my personal and powerful presence has been immense”

Justine Douglas

Purchasing Officer, RC Clare

If you know that this is what you want and you are ready for Speak Like a Woman  then click here to book your 1-2-1 Coaching Conversation with me

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