Harnessing The Women’s PowerTypes™ to unleash a new you

The Women’s PowerTypes™ Profile is a unique tool, developed by Oneofmany, designed to help you to understand your unique strengths and opportunities for growth.

In our personal debrief session I will take you step by step through your results and you will get a deeper insight into the challenges you’re facing currently and the results, or lack of them, that you are getting whether at work, at home, or in the domain of health and well-being.

It’s important that you understand a couple of things about the Profile.

  • It is not a personality test. It’s just a very general statement about behaviours you’re likely to exhibit in certain contexts.
  • It’s not about putting you in a box. We all have access to all of The Women’s PowerTypes™ but some are easier for us to access than others. This correlates to how we respond in given situations, and hence the results we’re likely to see.
  • It has limitations. It doesn’t measure “everything” about you but you will notice some helpful patterns.
  • It can only reflect back to you based on the answers you gave, so if it feels off- check whether you were centred and undistracted when you did it.

Your investment for the Women’s PowerType Profile and personal debrief with me is £125.

Use the button below to book and pay for your personal debrief session with me and as soon as we have received payment you will receive an email containing.

  • A link to the Oneofmany website where you take the profile
  • A token (code) to take the profile
    Note: The profile normally takes about 15 minutes to complete and allow 24 hours for you to receive the results. So, make sure you allow enough time to do this when booking your debrief session.

Looking forward to helping you to harness the PowerTypes!