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“I am so thankful I did this. I loved that the Lead Like a Woman programme was adapted to my needs to focus on where I needed most support. The tools and techniques are very empowering and they have given me the confidence that I can handle various situations in different ways. It took away the stress and has made life simpler. I feel comfortable knowing that I can be myself and lead authentically and am more effective as a leader. I would recommend this program to any woman who has a leadership role whether it is as a business owner, a team leader at work, a mother, a teacher etc. Thank you so much Cath for your time, wisdom and insight. I am a changed woman and I have the confidence to lead like a woman, the energy to lead by example and the knowledge to lead effectively.”

Sam Brabender
Executive Director, Neora

“When I started working with Cath I was in overwhelm. I was stressed, anxious, angry and unhappy and didn’t know what to do about it or where to start. I felt stuck in a rut with limited opportunities and knew that I was holding myself back. As a result of the Lead Like a Woman programme I’m now much more confident both personally and professionally. I enjoyed absolutely everything about it! I have got rid of the limitations I had and my outlook on everything has changed completely. I’m positive and happy and feel in control of my life. It has opened my eyes to career development and progression which I had previously dismissed as not possible. I can honestly say that this has been the most life-changing and life-enhancing programme I have ever been on. I would highly recommend this programme to every woman I know.“

Stella Horrocks
UK Disposals Manager, DB Cargo (UK) Limited

“Cath has coached me through a year of quite significant change both personally and professionally. She helped me transform some beliefs that were getting in the way of my contentment, my professional fulfilment and my ability to make the contribution I want to make to the world. She showed an uncanny ability to help me get to the root of what was going on and her astute questioning gave me clarity and focus. As a result, in 12 months working with Cath I have found a new career path and business, reestablished my priorities so I spend more time with loved ones and re-discovered who I am underneath the layers of ‘approval seeking’ I had built up over decades. Like Glinda from the Wizard of Oz, Cath reminded me that the power to create my heart’s desire has always been with me (and that there’s no place like home!).”

Caroline Gosling
Director, Rubica

“Cath’s Speak Like a Woman Programme is about much more than training and coaching. It provides very concrete help in improving presentation skills but it’s also about giving women the confidence to deal with all of the challenges we face operating at a high executive level. It turned my thinking on its head. I learned techniques that I can use in all sorts of situations including board meetings and meetings with high level strategic players. My presentations are now 100% better than they used to be and it’s given me the confidence to play a much bigger game. I’m confident enough to use these skills and ideas to make some major life changes and there are not a lot of courses you can say that about! I recommend this course to everyone. Take it and see if you can change your life”.

Pamela Ball
CEO, Knowsley CVS

“Like many women I suffered with “Imposter Syndrome” and this anxiety holds so many women back. Working with Cath helped me to overcome this crippling fear. I now have a powerful combination of self-belief and very practical tools to apply. Cath empowers you to be an authentic, credible professional, rather than attempting to conform to what is often a male-orientated stereotype of a ‘successful business person’. I am now known as a powerful presenter and invited to speak at events, through which I’ve raised significant funds and I have gone on to achieve so much more than I ever believed possible. It’s the combination of Cath’s techniques together with her unique understanding of our limiting beliefs, which really makes the difference to the women Cath works with and I highly recommend her.”

Sarah Jones
CEO, Mencap Liverpool

“Cath coached me on her Lead Like a Woman programme which I found brilliant. She helped me a lot to improve my leadership skills and develop strategies to cope with the feeling of being overwhelmed. Thanks to Cath I am now much more aware of my strengths and understand myself and the way I interact with others much better. Cath is very professional and warm at the same time which makes it easy to work with her. I highly recommend her as a coach to all women who want to improve their leadership skills.”

Maria Castro Blazquez

CEO at Linguland Education

“I can wholeheartedly recommend Cath’s coaching. I was metaphorically stuck in a hole career wise. Having a VIP day with Cath didn’t just get me out of the hole, it catapulted me out of it!

Cath helped me banish all the confusion and fear, restored clarity and enabled me to recognise my potential. I am feeling confident and looking positively towards my future and whatever it brings ”


Jacqui Woods

Company Director at Mind Body Matters

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