Presenting to Win

This package is designed specifically for those who are involved in presenting in the context of a bid interview or competitive pitch.

If you consider the process of tendering for contract like a race then if it goes to interview the successful completion of the PQQ and submission of the tender effectively get you to the starting line in the final.

The finalists are really difficult to distinguish in many categories so therefore any area above and beyond that where you stand out will score highly which means that it is the very smallest details that make the difference between winning and losing. Just having a great track record is not enough.

To make sure that you have the very best chance of winning you need to look at what  Sir Clive Woodward calls “ the essential non-essentials” –  the things that most people don’t think matter, that actually do. It’s about incorporating those small things which when aggregated make a massive difference.This is what makes you succeed over your competition giving you the winning edge.

This is what Presenting to Win does –  we work together to win the final.

Presenting to Win consists of three days of highly interactive training for up to 6 people, in which you learn a totally different approach to presenting (which your competitors don’t know) which means that you instantly make an impact and really stand out from your competition.

You learn how to use the dynamics of the interview situation to maximise your impact and to use your language to persuade and convince the panel, whilst being succinct and focused.

You gain a greater understanding and appreciation of questioning and answering techniques so that you can always give the panel exactly what they need and in the way they need it.

You learn how to forever eliminate the nerves of speaking, and manage your own state so that you are always in the optimum state to present.

You learn many other tools and techniques that save you time whilst turning an average presentation into an exceptional one. This enables you to show a relaxed professionalism every time whilst demonstrating your understanding of the client’s needs in such a way that they just have to do business with you.

(Colour training manual included).


The training is followed by intensive 1-2-1 dynamic coaching sessions to work on a particular bid which is uniquely customised for the individuals involved.

It includes an in-depth analysis of the tender and several “mock” interviews which ensures that the final presentation is exceptional. The bid team becomes a truly confident, persuasive and outstanding one which stands head and shoulders above the competition.

The programmes vary to meet the individual needs of each client and each presentation (which may or may not include the use of PowerPoint).

The duration of each consultancy programme ranges from 1 – 5 days depending upon the size of the bid team, the experience and existing skill levels of the individuals in the team and the complexity of the bid presentation.

There are two alternative consultancy programmes:

a) Presentation Preparation and Review Day.

This is an intensive dynamic coaching day to work on a particular presentation which includes an in-depth analysis of the presentation situation and several “mock” interviews which ensure that the final presentation is exceptional

This is based on a single bid presentation and is either funded (i) per contract or (ii) by the Bonus Scheme

b) Premier Client Programme – minimum 12 month contract

These offer alternative versions of the Bonus Scheme and involve payment of a monthly fee which is then offset against the costs of consultancy for an individual bid presentation. The Premier Client Programme also includes training in Advanced Presentation Skills and Persuasive Language which further develops and enhances your ability to win. The Premier Client alternatives allow you to spread the cost of the bonus scheme, at the same time as giving you priority as the consultancy is guaranteed to be arranged for Premier Clients at a few days notice. In addition as a Premier Client you benefit from exclusive training at a much reduced daily rate, which includes all training materials.

There is the option to have a customised training package.

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