Why It’s Time to STEP UP and STAND OUT – 1 hr Workshop/Keynote/Webinar

This workshop/keynote/webinar is for Women Leaders- CEOs, Directors, Partners, Senior Executives, Women Entrepreneurs and women aspiring to these roles.

Women face a different set of challenges in getting to the top and staying there.

And although sometimes we don’t like to admit it, many women leaders suffer from the same problems…….

  • You feel you have to be aggressive to make your mark but it doesn’t feel authentic
  • Sometimes you have a paralysing sense of self–doubt
  • You’re fed up having to work harder than men to get to the same place
  • You know it’s part of the job but you dread having to do presentations and avoid them if you can
  • You miss opportunities because you don’t feel completely confident to put your hand up and then regret it later
  • You want to make a bigger impact but get frustrated and disappointed by the lack of response you get and the resistance you encounter

…… and there are lots, lots more and the results are huge frustration, increased anxiety and more stress.

But all of these disappear when you STEP UP and STAND OUT and develop Your Persuasive and Powerful Presence.

In this 1 hour highly interactive session Cath outlines

  • how we self-sabotage without realising it and how this limits the results you can achieve
  • why Your Persuasive and Powerful Presence is the essential ingredient if you want to have a greater impact and be more influential as a woman leader
  • the three key elements that make up Your Persuasive and Powerful Presence and how they make a difference in everything you do
  • 5 things you can do to start to develop Your Persuasive and Powerful Presence straight away
  • why now is the time to STEP UP and STAND OUT
  • and lots more…..

If you are a woman in business who is serious about  making a bigger impact and wants to be more persuasive and influential then this is the workshop for you!

This workshop/keynote is available for women’s professional groups and conferences.

It is also available as a customised online webinar for companies.

For further details or to book the workshop contact us here.