Turner & Townsend

Global construction company discovers how to design and deliver winning presentations which set them apart from rival bidders

Six-Figure Return On Investment Within Weeks

Iain Ferguson and Kevin Jackson appreciate that small differences in how a presentation is delivered can make a difference measured in millions.

They are part of the bidding team for Turner & Townsend, a global “cradle to grave” construction company with 65 offices worldwide.


Iain says: “When Cath was recommended to me, the best I hoped for was some small winning differences I could add to our presentations and pitches. But I got much more. In fact within a few short weeks, I gained a substantial six-figure sum of business as a direct result.

“Cath is innovative. She really understands your needs, and more importantly, the needs of the people you present to. I recommend her approach wholeheartedly to anyone who needs to make their presentations really stand out, and win over even the toughest audiences.”

Kevin echoes these thoughts: “Cath’s framework and structure for preparing a presentation means I can prepare now in a tenth of the time it used to take. But more importantly, because I now know the key triggers to winning over an audience, I have far more confidence.”

“Cath is innovative and understands your needs and the needs of the people you present to”


Focusing On the Client Breeds Confidence, Reduces Presenter stress, and Lowers Risk

Both Iain and Kevin agree that they are better armed for almost any presentation.

“Too many presentation experts I now realize ignore the importance of emotion in a presentation,” says Iain. “Cath helps you ‘become’ the customer and tune into their needs and wants. By doing this, it’s so much easier to deliver content which answers their questions”

Kevin agrees: “The Q&A section of our presentations are now far shorter. Because we can more easily identify the key questions our audience have, it makes for a far more relaxing presentation for both ourselves and the audience.”

Cath says

“I was delighted to make such a huge difference in such a short time to both Iain and Kevin.

“Turner & Townsend has a tremendous reputation already, so I was delighted to help the guys communicate this in their presentations.

“When you are presenting high-value pitches, especially against rival bidders in a competitive market like construction, it’s so easy to lose a bid before you’ve even started.

“Even in challenging times like these, people will pay more for certainty. And confidence is so important when preparing and delivering your presentation.

“Iain and Kevin had that natural confidence anyway, and if I’ve helped them sustain that through their future presentations, I am sure they will go from strength to strength.”

“Confidence is so important when preparing and delivering your presentation”