Presentation Self-sabotage: 13 Ways You Give Yourself Away

Posted on May 15

There have been many instances in the news recently of various types of presentation, from the candidates involved in the mayoral elections, both London and Liverpool, to people appearing before the Levison inquiry and although they don’t realise it they give themselves away all the time  through their non-verbal messages.

Facial expressions, body movement, gestures, posture, etc all display how we are feeling and the non-verbal message is harder to fake.

So what? Well when there is a mis-match between what you are saying and your non-verbal communication then it produces a lack of trust and confidence which is why so many people don’t trust what politicians are saying!!

Here are just some of the ways that you give yourself away…..

1)      Smile isn’t genuine- it doesn’t reach your eyes

2)      Arms are crossed in front of the body

3)      Hands are in your pockets and fiddling with something

4)      Stand behind a lectern

5)      Speak too quickly- which can be the result of nerves

6)      Stand too stiffly with knees locked

7)      Put hands behind your back

8)      Constantly looking down at your notes

9)      Walking backwards and forwards across the space

10)   Sitting down when everyone else stands up to speak

11)   Not looking at the audience

12)   Have poor posture with rounded shoulders

13)   Standing with feet crossed

If you want to be persuasive and influential when you speak then make sure that your body is talking the right language …. and that you’re not self- sabotaging.

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