Presenting – Like Making Simnel Cake?

Posted on Apr 17

It’s Spring again and with the holiday weekend ahead I hope you have some gorgeous weather although I’m not sure it will be warm enough here to eat in the garden!

I’m looking forward to having lots of family around for great food, good wine, tea  and lots of  fun.

This year I wanted to do something different …but I’m not going to be allowed to get away with not making what has become a family tradition— my Easter Simnel Cake.

I still use a recipe and measure everything out even though I’ve made this every year for many years.

I could just bung everything in a tin and hope for the best ……

but I’m not sure that would  turn out.

Why? I follow the steps because I know it works and the cake is a great success every time I make it.

I want to make sure that I have the right high quality ingredients in the right quantities and cook it for the right amount of time so that the end product can be enjoyed by everyone in the way it is meant to be.

Because you know there’s nothing worse than looking forward to something only to be let down because it isn’t done properly, or is overdone or it’s  a flop!

And it’s the same with your  presenting.

I use a failsafe recipe - The 3 Stage Planning Process-  that I’ve honed and developed over many, many years that enables me and my clients to turn out an outstanding and  successful presentation every time.

And the process for producing a great cake every time has a lot in common with producing a great presentation every time.

  • have a recipe- a tried and tested and proven planning process

that gives you an order and sequence for putting it together that works whatever the length or type of presentation

  • have high quality ingredients -

use stories, anecdotes and metaphors to excite and engage

  • in the right quantities

make sure you have the balance right  and give the right amount of information, no more and no less.

  • mix in the right proportions

learn about how people prefer to take in and process information so that you reach all of your audience

  • and cook in the right way

give them what they need in the way they need to access  it

  • for the right amount of time

make sure that you finish on time

  • and then serve in the best way to get the result you want …

make sure you have your presentation outcome clear- what do you want to get ad a result of giving the presentation

  • to a delighted and satisfied audience.

Simple really!

Until next time,
with best wishes for your success,
Cath :)

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