Your Presentation “Cover”: brown paper or designer jacket?

Posted on May 29

Although my Kindle goes everywhere with me these days I still really enjoy browsing in book shops.

There is that sense of excitement of finding something new and amazing.

If it’s the keenly anticipated new novel by one of my favourite authors it doesn’t need to catch my eye because I know that it’s something I will want to read because I already know they can deliver from what they have done before.

I’m already sold on what they do and I have an expectation of what it will be like. And if they don’t deliver then the sense of disappointment can be huge.

And how do I find out about new authors?

By a book cover that catches my eye. It grabs my attention so that I will read the inside front flap and back of the cover to find out what it’s all about and whether it is something that I want to buy and read.

If all books had brown paper covers none would stand out and people wouldn’t buy. Books have a vibrant cover to catch attention because they have to stand out to make sales.

What has this got to do with your presentation?

In the same way that an author is only as good as their last novel, your impact is only as good as your last presentation.

If you have done well in the past then your audience’s expectation will be high and you have to make sure you deliver and excel if you want to continue to impress.

If you don’t then it could adversely affect your reputation and even cost you in lost business.

Don’t start your presentation with the equivalent of a brown paper cover e.g.who you are, how long you’ve been in business, where you are situated-that can come later.

You need to stand out for the right reasons. You need to make an instant impact. You need the equivalent of a designer book cover to top and tail your presentation so as to grab people’s attention so they want to know more.

So what would your presentation “designer cover” look like?

In the next blog I’ll outline how to avoid the “brown paper cover” and some ways you can make your presentation “designer cover” so that you stand out.

Until next time…

with best wishes for your success,


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