Video: Can you Dance the Communication Dance Like This?

Posted on Apr 08

Have a look at this first……..

The essential element in any successful communication, in business or otherwise, is connection.
These two tiny tots are doing what we all do naturally when we are “connected”, when we are in rapport. They do seem to be speaking the same language and by their reactions they know exactly what is going on!
If you watch it carefully you can see how they match and mirror each other naturally throughout the clip in terms of their movements, their sounds and tonality and I don’t think these two have been on a course to do it!
There is a lot of stuff written about rapport and the expert way to learn to match and mirror effectively and it is taught on most NLP courses.Sometimes it is made to seem more difficult than it really is. Being aware of what we do when we communicate is really important but many people when they are new to NLP get really hung up on the “right” way to do it. I usually tell people to just be yourself, be really interested in connecting with the other person and it will happen naturally.
You will dance the dance of communication beautifully – just like these two tots.

I think I’ll use this clip in my next course!

until next time,
with best wishes for your success,

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  • Andrew Thorp

    Hi Cath
    It’s a great clip isn’t it? Made me giggle…like a baby!

    An associate of mine told me of an exchange she’d observed on a beach once. She was abroad and her 4 year-old daughter started playing sandcastles with another child who was clearly from a foreign country. They got on really well and afterwards the mum asked her daughter how she got playing with (and apparently talking to) the other child, even though the other girl didn’t speak English. “She smiled the same smile as me mummy,” came the reply!

    • cath

      I love it Andrew! I must remember that one. – it’s wonderful. Out of the mouths of babes! We were in Croatia once and a very similar thing happened – we had a “conversation” without being able to speak a single word of the language…. and yet people think it’s only the words that matter

  • John Hughes

    I love the clip and with marketing head on feel that someone has missed significant opportunity.With the number of views the twins have amassed a bit of product placement by pampers would have returned significant dividends. That said the art of communication is the key to all business success. Keep up the good work Cath.

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