Presenting to Win

Persuasive Presenting for individuals and
bid teams

Persuasive Presenting Personal Programme

The 1-2-1 Personalised Programme is designed specifically for you if you want to

  • permanently get rid of the fear and anxiety associated with presenting
  • become a confident, persuasive and compelling speaker who inspires others to take action
  • take your presentations from average to outstanding

whatever the context for your presentation.

We get rid of all of the bad presenting and communication habits that you have, that you don’t know you have and you quickly learn how to develop Your Powerful Presence which enables you to confidently own any room whenever you want to. You learn how to manage your state so that you always in the optimum state to maximise your success.

We begin with an initial consultation call to find out what your main challenges are with presenting, where your existing skill level is and where you want it to be. Then through a combination of dynamic coaching and training you learn a number of tools and techniques to take you to the next level.

There are two levels available depending on how persuasive and influential you want to be and the programme varies to meet your individual needs.

Persuasive Presenting for Interviews

This programme is specifically designed for the context of presenting in a job interview. We use a very different approach to preparing for the interview and the presentation and it is fully customised to meet both your needs and the needs of interview situation.

Persuasive Presenting for Bid Teams

This programme is designed specifically for those who are involved in presenting in the context of a bid interview or competitive pitch.

It consists of three days of highly interactive training for up to 6 people, in which you learn a totally different approach to presenting (which your competitors don’t know) which means that you instantly make an impact and really stand out from your competition.

You learn how to use the dynamics of the interview situation to maximise your impact and to use your language to persuade and convince the panel, whilst being succinct and focused. You gain a greater understanding and appreciation of questioning and answering techniques so that you can always give the panel exactly what they need and in the way they need it. You learn how to forever eliminate the nerves of speaking and manage your own state so that you are always in the optimum state to present.

You learn many other tools and techniques that save you time whilst turning an average presentation into an exceptional one. This enables you to show a relaxed professionalism every time whilst demonstrating your understanding of the client’s needs in such a way that they just have to do business with you.

The training is followed by intensive 1-2-1 dynamic coaching sessions to work on a particular bid which is uniquely customised for the individuals involved. It includes an in-depth analysis of the tender and several “mock” interviews which ensures that the final presentation is exceptional. The bid team becomes a truly confident, persuasive and outstanding one which stands head and shoulders above the competition.

An ongoing consultancy programme is available on request.