Which Rank of Presentation Jedi are You?

Posted on Nov 14

The recent news from Disney that it plans to release a new ‘Star Wars’ film, episode seven, in 2015, followed shortly afterwards by episodes eight and nine will delight every Star Wars fan, including me!

Now whether or not you like Star Wars, the stories offer a number of ideas that we can apply in business and just one of them is the concept of the Jedi Academy.

Members of the order progress through four tiers of rank, at times referred to as levels. I’ve taken these and applied them to the development of Presentation Skills for your business.

So,with apologies to Star Wars fans, here is my version of the Presentation Jedi Academy…….

Ranks of Presentation Jedi

Presentation Youngling:

The title of “Youngling” is the first part of Presentation Jedi training.  A Presentation Jedi Youngling is a beginner, a Presentation Jedi-in-training, learning to develop the power of being a master communicator. They may learn to present by reading a book or simply standing up to present but don’t have any formal training from an experienced Presentation Coach or Presentation Jedi Master. Although they may have experience presenting they are not good at connecting and engaging with an audience and find the whole process nerve wracking and avoid it whenever possible.

Presentation Padawan:

This is a Presentation Youngling who embarks on a more formal introductory presentation skills training course. These are also called “Apprentices” and “Padawan Learners”. They work for a short time with an experienced Presentation Coach to improve and develop their presentation skills. This may take the form of a 1 day workshop and they have limited experience in presenting. They may spend a long time preparing and get a limited audience response. They often find it difficult to manage an audience. They present infrequently and get limited results.

N.B. The term Padawan appears to originate in Sanskrit and can be understood as “learner,” both in Sanskrit and by contemporary native speakers of Sanskrit-based languages.

Presentation Jedi Knight:

These are more disciplined and experienced presenters. Presentation Jedi Knights become so only when they have completed more in depth training in presentation skills by completing several days of communication training. They know how to instantly connect with anyone and always know the right thing to say in any situation. They are able use their knowledge of how people prefer to learn and communicate to design and deliver presentations that connect, engage and persuade others to take action every time. They present regularly to a variety of groups and may present on a national level.

Presentation Jedi Master:

A Presentation Jedi Knight may become a Presentation Jedi Master after successfully completing their advanced training in Accelerated Learning, Neuro-linguistic Programming, Persuasive Language, Coaching and several other disciplines. They are highly experienced and motivating speakers who are masters of persuasion and are reknowned for their ability to move an audience. They are highly successful, influential, persuasive and compelling presenters who people just want to listen to because they know the secrets of world class presenters.

Presentation Jedi Grand Master:

Grand Master is the most experienced, successful and best trained of all Presentation Jedi. A Grand Master has over 10,000 hours experience presenting in many different situations to a wide variety of audiences of different ages for many different purposes. Many are great teachers who adopt the role of training and developing other speakers to become Presentation Jedis. They may or may not be famous but they are trusted and highly valued as presentation coaches who help others to produce extraordinary results.

So which rank of Presentation Jedi are you?

Now Presentation Mastery level is not for everyone but I believe it is a must if you want to be a leader in your business and are serious about being more successful.

Whatever level of Presentation Jedi you are at present the good news is that anyone can develop the skills of a Presentation Jedi Master. It just takes time and the willingness to learn.

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