The 1-2-1 personalised programmes are designed specifically for those who want to

  • permanently get rid of the fear and anxiety associated with presenting,
  • become confident, persuasive and compelling speakers who inspire others to take action
  • take their presentations from average to outstanding.

There are two levels available depending on how persuasive and influential you want to be.

Each consists of an initial consultation, followed by intensive 1-2-1 dynamic coaching and training.

The programmes vary to meet the individual needs of each client and each presentation.

The Persuasive Presenting Programme

This consists of two days of 1-2-1 training and coaching in a unique set of tools and techniques designed to take your presenting from average to outstanding.

Day 1 : Developing  Your Powerful Presence

On Day 1 you get rid of all of the bad presenting and communication habits that you have, that you don’t know you have and quickly learn how to develop Your Powerful Presence which enables to confidently own any room whenever you want to. You learn how to manage your state so that you always in the optimum state to maximise your success.

We begin with finding out where your existing skill level is and where you want it to be. Then through a combination of dynamic coaching and training you learn a number of tools and techniques to take you to the next level.

Here are just some of the techniques we cover:

  • The Martini Strategy ….. how to build an instant connection with anyone, anytime, anyplace, anywhere.
  • The Secrets of Painless Presenting……using the simple techniques that your competitors won’t know.
  • how to use the simple F.L.O.W.TM process to become more confident and composed in any situation
  • the quickest and easiest way to stand head and shoulders above your competition ….. and make an instant impact
  • presentations are all about what you say, right? Wrong! Find out what you are really communicating to your audience (and how that is switching them off and losing you business!)
  • the amazing “Busy Person’s Four Step Shortcut” to creating your first presentation in just 10 mins (how to quickly get your hidden presentation skills working brilliantly for you)
  • what you absolutely must do in the first 30 secs of your presentation for it to be successful (and what 97% of business presentations are missing)
  • how to avoid the top 5 mistakes that most presenters make (even those with an international reputation!)
  • to begin with the end in mind – how to design and structure your presentation for success
  • how to use the Breakfast of Champions to develop your skills
  • what the BEM Principle is and why you ignore it at your peril
  • How to be instantly confident whenever you need to using The Confidence Click ™

and lots more…….

The day is highly interactive and you present several times during the session so that you practise the new techniques effectively. At the end of the day you undertake to use all of the tools and techniques to plan and practise your next presentation to be delivered on Day 2.

Day 2 : Becoming More Persuasive

This takes place a week later.

On Day 2 you discover how to use your language to be more persuasive and influential whilst building a much deeper level of rapport whatever the size of the group. You permanently get rid of the fear associated with presenting so that it ceases to an issue for you in your life and learn how to use the special detailed planning process which means that every presentation you give is outstanding.

You deliver your prepared presentation several times, receiving immediate feedback each time so that by the end of the session you have an outstanding presentation ready to go.

The Advanced Persuasive Presenting Programme

This is designed for those who want to hugely increase their ability to persuade and influence others and become exceptional speakers.

Days 1 and 2  as shown above are followed by two further days of  intensive training and coaching in advanced persuasion and presenting skills for those who want to further develop their skills so that they go from outstanding to exceptional.

Days 3 and 4 follow the same format of dynamic 1-2-1 coaching and training, taking it to a much higher and more advanced level.

The techniques and tools included are customised for each individual client and can vary from preparing for an interview presentation,pitching for a contract, to designing a conference workshop.

(see the Presenting to Win Business Programme Days 3 and 4 for some examples of  the techniques included).

The 4 training and coaching days are spread out over a minimum of 30 days so as to maximise learning and transferability of skills  to deliver a much higher ROI.

For more information contact us to arrange Your Personal Call with Cath to determine which programme is right for you.


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