Webinar: To Get or Not to Get? The ICF Credential

Discover whether or not the ICF Credential is the right next step for you.

with Cath Daley


Who is it for?

This is for you if you are a certified coach and you’re considering the ICF Credential but you might have heard that it’s too hard or that you have to be a very experienced coach?

Or you have to have been coaching for a long time and perhaps you’re worried you might not be good enough?

None of this is true!

Join me on this webinar where I will demystify ICF and share with you the insights you need to make an informed choice about whether or not it is the right next step for you.

Whether you're a seasoned coach or just starting out I’ll share with you how ICF can help you elevate your coaching business and develop your skills as a coach.

What you’ll learn:

In this webinar I’ll share with you :

  • What ICF is and what an ICF Credential means
  • Insights into the challenges of pursuing an ICF Credential
  • The key benefits of getting an ICF Credential, both for you and for your business
  • An outline of the main components of the Credential process
  • Real-life success stories from coaches who have experienced the transformative power of the ICF Credential first hand.

There’ll be plenty of time to ask questions and get the answers you need.



“At the beginning I was worried that my skills as a coach weren’t good enough and I had been getting things wrong and I was going to be exposed. Cath helped me to understand what was required to be a successful ICF coach and a successful coach for my clients and gave me the confidence to apply for my ICF Credential”

Erica Stocks, Director

Fairway Coaching Consultant

Reserve Your Spot Today!

If you don’t know what ICF is, or you’re on the fence about pursuing an ICF Credential, or you are ready to take the next step, this webinar is your opportunity to gain clarity and make an informed decision about your future as a coach.
Reserve your spot now and join me for a candid conversation about ICF.

Places are limited and it won’t be recorded because there’ll be opportunities to get your questions answered live, so make sure of your spot today and gain the insights you need to make the right choice for your on-going coach journey
I look forward to exploring the possibilities with you!

Cath Headshot

About Me:

I’m an ICF Master Certified Coach, Coach Mentor and Executive Coach.

I’ve been coaching for over 22 years with clients across a wide range of sectors in many different countries.

I’ll admit I resisted getting my ICF Credential for years- until I lost a significant corporate coaching contract because I didn’t have it. Even though I had worked with the company before, they had changed their criteria and all external coaches had to have an ICF Credential so I decided it was time to do something about it.

Getting my ICF Credential has made a significant difference for me and I now mentor coaches to do the same.

I have mentored over 60 coaches to get their ICF Credential and I’m proud to say I have 100% success rate.

“Cath is a thoughtful and powerful coach and mentor. She helped progress my coaching skills exponentially in a short amount of time. She is well-versed in International Coaching Federation principles and a master at teaching others how best to incorporate them into their coaching skills.”

Chelsea Behrens

Career Clarity Coach